Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wedding May 29, 2009

Rehearsal Dinner.....come on in.
Mary Ellen getting sisterly advice from Lauren
Bridesmaids, looking nice ladies.
Groomsmen, no comment necessary
Seattle weather to make us feel at home, rain rain go away. The Towers in the back is where the reception was hosted.
Bride getting ready.....
Groom getting ready.....its a clip on.
On the wall, Bill Wang, awesome photo!
The Bride and her father
We got married, Father Taillon was phenominal, can't thank you enough!

Megan gave a great toast! Cheers, thanks Babs
Not a dry eye in the house, tears of joy.....
My wife says let's party!
Pictures of your boss dancing like a crazy man, sounds like a raise.......
Did I say raise.....I meant to say BIG RAISE!
A good time was had by all

Honeymoon!! Italy

Mary Ellen being a good sport took part in the Guiness tasting at 6AM while our flight from Boston connected in Dublin, quick pint then off to Milan. I am a lucky man.
After our pint of G, we hopped a flight to Milan, drove 3 hours and settled in a town called Santa Margherita. Great spot to hang for a few days, we did day trips and on our return plenty to do at night. First day we took the train to Riomaggiore, Southern most town in Cinque Terra. Quaint town built on the cliffs. CW we found your spot, several pictures to prove it.
Day 3 my land lover wife and I took the boat to Portofino. After Mary Ellen got her land legs back we made the most of our time in this very pricey tourist trap.
Casual Water's big brother!
One of the best Christmas presents ever....Lonely Planet Italy! Came in handy several times. We are having coffee in Santa Margherita
Day 4, driving from the coast to Tuscany, Mary Ellen taking a break as we walk through the town of Lucca. We made a last minute call to visit this town on our way through Tuscany since Megan Bartley and Stacy Larson both have family ties back to this amazing city. Next time we are renting bikes to explore the city.
Our favorite spot along the way, La Bandita. Mary Ellen relaxes after a long drive, we had a little trouble locating this place as it is very new and very hard to find. Thanks to Jason and Deb.....and Brennie for our GPS pre-loaded with maps of Italy we found her.
Private dinner for two on the back patio....private chef, four course meal. Great wine, we are now fans of Brunnelo's....major fans of La Bandita.
We had a visitor on our second night at La Bandita, Cartuzzo. The chef David has a cat that stays on property. Day 5, very peaceful, toured a nearby town, lounged at the Bandita and made dinner our major event for the day......honeymoons are great! My wife is beautiful.
Touring Sienna, Mary Ellen on the far left. Day 6 was very busy as we drove through Sienna on the way to Florence.

Dinner in Florence, my wife takes a break before we walk by several vendors selling jewels!
Day 7 we hit the streets of Florence, the Duomo is large. I think the best picture of this place would be taken from space.
Most people do their research before Florence based on the historical sites....we based our trip on great food, well done Mary Ellen. Trattoria Marioni, everyone waits outside and they do one seating, finally they open the doors and everyone rushes in, fearing of not getting a table! Fun place, great food.
Day 8, we drove northwest to Milan. Stopping in the town of Parma, home of....Parmesan cheese. Milan was very slow as it was Sunday but I have a great picture of our hotel and Mary Ellen taking down a little "Coke Lite" from Mickey D's, uh trust me that cup is hers.
I also fell victim to Mickey D's with a McFlurrey, check out our Fiat Punto...coming to a Chrysler dealer near you!
Day 9, return the rental car, check in, Milan to Dublin.......was there ever a doubt? Cheers!!
Jesse and Jenn, married July 11. Rehearsal dinner, Salty's on Alki, great spot that looks back into downtown Seattle, shown in the second photo with Mary Ellen not Jesse. For all you Seattle people you know how great Salty's is on a summer night. Our trip had many highlights, Mary Ellen played her first round of golf of the year at Jefferson Park!
The wedding was great, thanks Ron and Sharon! Great to catch up with many of our friends especially Jeff and Meghan who were dearly missed in Rhode Island, CW, Chicky Correa, T-bone and of course Jesse and Jenn were gracious hosts! Thanks to my mom for housing a hurricane, in and out....thanks Seattle we miss you already.

Holy Toledo!!!

It's been a crazy couple of months. July 4th weekend Mary Ellen and I drove to Toledo to watch Anna play in the Jamie Farr Classic, yes Jamie Farr is still alive and very tan. Anna was able to score us tickets for the Toledo Mudhens game Saturday night! Great ball park, home of the Triple A team of the Detroit Tigers. Thanks Anna, we had so much fun!